Monday, October 3, 2011

Wyrds from WPB

Sometimes, things just don't work out the way one expects them to. In our case, we had anticipated traveling down south [apx. 2-1/2 hours] to meet up with long-time friends, owners of The Spiderweb; the same wonderful people who suggested we begin broadcasting - and, set us up with Third Eye Live Productions on Blog Talk.

Although, it is unfortunate we were unable to visit with them, we do know that Sam's birthday (and, his son's) was something they just couldn't put off. There were just too many happy surprises awaiting them - and, the Conversations from the Porch crew just refused to compete with that... So, happy birthday - again - dear friend(s)!

Listening back on the first-ever "Wyrd" broadcast, I [Ik] was able to clearly identify my anxiousness. Perhaps, we were all anxious because we were counting down the hours and subsequent minutes until our interviewees called. How cool was it that Reverend Alicia Lyon Folberth of the Panthean Temple, author, artist - trendsetter - had agreed to speak with us, live?

Get to know the good Reverend at Witchvox:

I know what you're thinking: "Just about as awesome as hearing Aedh Rua's poem *in transalpine Gaulish*!" Now, THAT was exciting! (You should've seen Uruzz and Morlog smiling like dorks, knuckle-bumping and silently mimicking the kid from 'Home Alone'.)

"Celtic Flame: An Insider's Guide to Irish Pagan Tradition" by Aedh Rua

Celtic Scholar's final thoughts about the book:

  •  It is one practitioner’s interpretation of Irish polytheism and he freely admits that at the very beginning.

  •  The author show a high level of research in his book whether one agrees with his conclusions or not.

  •  He tackles subjects that are hard and for the most part does them justice.

  •  He puts a lot of effort in the specifics of what he sees as the Irish practice of polytheism. Discusses the components of religion, which are belief, sacred writings and oral traditions, rituals and ceremonies, and ethics.

  •  I very much enjoyed this book

  • All of us want to extend our appreciation to both our guests for taking the time away from their lives to sit in, and share themselves on the CFTP's special "Wyrd" broadcast. Our next "Wyrd" will be in February, 2012; and, our next CFTP broadcast will discuss northern European death and ghost traditions. Catch ya'll later!

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