Morlog's Orlog

Morlog is pretty laid-back. He loves great conversation, especially, when it comes to discussing Sagas, Eddas, and the Havamal. He began the heathen path with a desire to better himself as a father, husband, citizen and friend.

With a slightly-off-kilter sense of humor and a knack for quoting Havamal verses, Morlog adds a jovial balance to the mix of personalities hosting Conversations from the Porch. Of course, it's quite probably a trait that is overlooked once you come in contact with him, seeing only an imposing figure wearing an Utili-Kilt and touting around a drinking horn large enough to fit his entire arm into ["Glugg", is its name].

Sit back and listen to the relaxing tones of Morlog's even-keeled banter; he adds that little smidge of normalcy to the crew of Conversations!