The "Ik"

Highly controversial and ostracized from polite society, host "Ik" has introduced more than one's fair share of radical ideas into Neo-Pagan communities across the globe. You either lover her, or hate her - there is no in-between! The public had an opportunity to get to know her unique character while she was slotted as a special guest on 3rd Eye Live Radio's LIVE program for over two months, and now you get to catch your own "Ik" through Conversations from the Porch, every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month!

Active in the pagan communities of South Florida for about 20 years, she was the youngest Traditionally-trained 3rd Degree High-Priestess in Florida at the age of 18. Author of "Stark Raving Mad", and sister books "Offensive Gestures" and "Ward in My Pocket" - both of which are aimed toward 'playing with dead things' (and, available through at "Ik's Place").

Now, as the youngest Traditionalist Pagan Elder in South Florida, "Ik" is openly 'not normal' and offering courses in: tribalistic ecstatic trance, re-inhabitation, and cognizant learning techniques - among several 'mainstream' pagan courses. She is also one of the original founders of a distinctive polytheistic educational community existing in the Southeastern United States, Hrafnstong Heathen Community; the goal of which is to support and unite polytheist families in communal settings that are beneficial to both parent and child. "Ik" is also licensed clergy.