Monday, December 12, 2011

On The Porch in 2012

Besides the supposed "end of the world" in December, there are a few things we, at CFTP wanted to share with you - our crazy listeners:

As soon as possible, the CFTP online store will be operational (our projection, is by the end of January). Steins, shirts, and the infamous "recon calendarium" will be available for purchase.

We're slotted to attend the Florida Pagan Gathering for Beltane 2012... on a broadcast weekend. We will be contacting our sponsors at TEL Productions to see if we can schedule a Saturday night slot; this way we can broadcast live, directly from the FPG!

Upcoming Episodes...

2012's first broadcast is January 1st - on New Year's Day is the "Recon Calendarium". We will be discussing northern European time-keeping and lunar significance to holy observations.

February's second broadcast is our quarterly special, "Wyrd from the Web". We will be conversing with Ms. Victoria Clare from The Troth; as well as, another fine and famous heathen who shall remain nameless (so as to keep you all on the edges of your seats).

March ushers in some madness the Sunday after St. Patty's Day with the "Celtic Cluster Feck" episode. This show will feature some of the most established figures in Celtic Reconstructionist paganism and representing the various paths of CelticR.

April 1st - All Fool's Day - will be an "Open Porch" broadcast. All "Open Porches" are subject to our listeners' feedback; questions, comments and complaints. The phone lines are open, and you are encouraged to bring up anything you wish to address from previous shows, or, whatever other pagan / heathen things you'd like to!

Another agenda will be forthcoming.
Until then, keep tuning in for all the mayhem and action as we have various characters and icons stopping in for Conversations from the Porch!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

CFTP Episode: "Yule P.I.E. - The first slice of N. European Winter Celebration"

"Yule P.I.E. - The first slice of Northern European Winter Celebration" [Link above]
Guest caller, Helga Sagen, discussed some ancient proto-indo-european roots to our modern X-mas and Yule festivities. This is where Helga's site will be transferred to. (This is the old site: which still contains a majority of the PIE info.) "The Open Halls Project is a small organization, set up to connect military Heathens with civilian and military heathens throughout the world. Our goal is simple, no one should need to be without community simply because of their service to their country. Many military Heathens are just a stone’s throw away from others, but just don’t realize it. So we are trying our best to offer a link to those folks. " Yule Care-Package Link. ... be a STAR is an anti-bullying alliance co-founded by The Creative Coalition and WWE. Its mission is to ensure a positive and equitable social environment for everyone regardless of age, race, religion or sexual orientation through grassroots efforts beginning with education and awareness.