Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wyrd from the Web

According to Wikipedia: Avant-garde represents a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm.

Obviously, we're not normal. No. Not "us" (as in, the "hosts"). Rather, "we" (as in, the polytheist community that our hosts represent). Well, okay; maybe ...we're... not normal, either.

"Vaarshteiner !!!"

However, there are so many individuals working behind-the-scenes who rarely get the credit for the hard work they put in. We - as consumers - can identify the mainstream titles and names that circulate within polytheisms; names that are synonymous with "normal paganism". Then again, there are so many 'unsung heros' that get lost amidst the shuffle of book-signing events, radio interviews, journalist write-ups and photo ops in high-end "New Age" shops. People, we never hear of, or from. Normally.

What about those people who really make a "big difference"? Why doesn't anyone go looking for these 'unsung heros'? So. Here. We. Are. (Or, will be... on October 2nd) Just having a nice little conversation from the porch, with our close friends at The Spider Web.

(Because I just know that Sam and Deb are gonna love this!) Our "Wyrd from the Web" special broadcasts will introduce our listeners to avante-garde personalities and people who work behind the scenes of mainstream polytheism.

And, while Sam and Deb are loving that.... I (little ole me) will be loving the banter back-and-forth with a kindred Celtic soul. Ah... kindred souls.

Wyrd broadcasts will occur once every three months. So tune in this Sunday, October 2nd (at 5pm); make sure you've got some great autumn brews and sit a while! Listen to the Wyrd from the Web while we have another Conversation from the Porch.

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