Thursday, September 29, 2011

We're Looking for a Few Good Things

The hosts of Conversations from the Porch want to help promote pagan / heathen artisans by getting your work "out there". One of the ideas is to hold a raffle contest through the broadcast, and offer some of our listeners a chance to win a distinctive 'thing'.

Of course, the first thing we are looking for, is an artisan who is willing to part with an item - free of charge (donated). Not only does this 'donated thing' make someone very happy, but, it allows your work to 'get out there' and circulate in a new environment with more potential customers...

The second thing we are looking for, is something appropriate for a Yule gift. We are interested in having one lucky listener win a beautiful pagan / heathen 'thing' just in time for Yule. Yule is the perfect time of year when family and friends gather around and marvel at the beauty of the season (and, anything else that might be new - like, your one-of-a-kind 'thing' that was happily won by drawn-lot on the Conversations from the Porch broadcast).

The third thing we are looking for, is a professional package. Not only would we request a photograph of your donated 'thing' to share with our listeners on our websites, but, a little biography about the artist / business so we can promote you, also.

If you're an artisan with a few 'good things' lying around - and, you'd like to have an opportunity to share your art / business in new areas, please write to the hosts of Conversations from the Porch at:
subject line: Yule Give-Away

Please understand that your art / craft / 'work' is donated for give-away, and we would not expect anything of great expense to be donated.
The hosts would like to know how much shipping and handling would be for your item, as we would pay all shipping costs from you to the contest winner. Please provide this amount along with the photo & bio. Photos & bios arriving without a shipping and handling fee will not be considered for the give-away, nor subject to promotions on air.

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