Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Pagan Pedophile Problem

Peg Aloi, over at Patheos posted about a "Prominent Pagan Arrested for Child Porn", this morning:
"Kenny Klein, well known pagan musician and an amateur photographer, has been arrested in New Orleans on 25 counts of child pornography, involving images found on his computer of children under the age of 13 engaging in explicit sexual activity, according to this news story from the Times-Picayune."

At CFTP, and, behind the scenes in our Community we have been discussing this issue: polytheist sex offenders around our children. Oddly, it was sparked from the following [anonymous] post made by a contact of one of our members, addressing their own community, and in light of a recent event of theirs:
"...held a meeting today to re-visit our stance on registered sex offenders. Up until this time, we have dealt with it on a case-by-case basis. However, [we] voted again, and had a unanimous vote to NOT allow any registered sex offenders, or group whose leader is one, at any of our events... While we understand that people deserve a 2nd chance, those who are on the sex offender list are not able to work in public schools, daycare, at most carnivals, and all other places where children are involved... We are sorry that this may mean that certain folk, or groups whose leader is a registered sex offender, will not be allowed back to our events, or at our gatherings, but this decision is final."
When I was asked for my opinion on the matter, this is what I had to say:
"We have never asked whether any of our people has been caught by the law and registered as an offender; there are many in the world who've never been caught & are still offenders, regardless."
Which, is so true, in consideration of the case of Ken Klein. How many "pots" has this man had his hands in, regarding the broader polytheist community, before his offenses had been discovered? How many children have been exploited without their parents' knowledge? Those closest to Mr. Klein, or, who've met with him at some of his events must be going stir crazy about this.

Is it not bad enough that the pagan/heathen communities have such a discolored reputation in mainstream society, that, another polytheist succumbs to human weakness and we all must pay a price for it? Trust me. We will all pay the price for this; whether it be therapy for the children, or, the negative label all polytheists living in this man's area will be "umbrella'd" under.

What will our children think, when they've been introduced to a person like this (probably left in their company by trusting parents, at times), watching their parents admiration, listening to the complements, et al? According to Mr. Klein's bio, this may have happened at... Renaissance Fairs, neo-Pagan Festivals, or the non-profit organization he works with at PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

It is worth noting that he was an initiate into the Blue Star coven and tradition of Wicca. He even assisted with bringing the tradition back to its BTW roots (skyclad, being very traditionalist). Perhaps, in hindsight, his works on Fairy Tale rituals may have been a great smokescreen for his depravity..? (There are lots of atrocious things happening to children in fairy's tales, if you've never noticed.) Will you start reading between the lines of "The Flowering Rod", a work by Mr. Klein that explores how men can fulfill the roles of priest, summoner, student and TEACHER within groups of other men, women and children?

What has already been taught to other adults - other weak-minded pagan adults, about childrens' spirituality, and/or, spiritual "art"? Now, all I can imagine are coven secrets. Nay - mysteries from some privileged, clandestine inner-court of Klein's traditional brand of craft. Just because they discovered 25 counts' worth of offensive material does not mean that it is all he is guilty of. It is, simply, what he was caught with. There is always the unknown factor of what has not been substantiated. Let's go so far to wonder how many children have been exploited WITH their parents' knowledge? (It's amazing what some people will do when their HP's convince them of an action's spiritual benefit!)

We could perpetuate the paranoia further, but, I'm quite sure there are many parents out there already doing that within their own communities - pagan, and cowan, alike. The questions still remain:

Should sexual offenders get second chances; hanging around free-spirited temptations, like, our innocent children and beautifully seductive living Goddesses? Will we even get legal names, begin background checking, or, receive full disclosures from polytheist sexual offenders in the future, now, that everybody in the pagan community will be focusing on this matter? It's not embezzlement, it's child pornography... How does the polytheist community bounce back from this? 

This is a conversation we all need to have with ourselves.

Resources for parents:


  1. There are no Blue Star teachings that involve sexual contact with children. No inner court molestation mysteries. Kenny Klein was only one factor in the growth of Blue Star, and he came to the Tradition after it was formed. My initiators are Blue Star initiates and we work Blue Star liturgy,training system, the works. Blue Star Wicca is full of good people who suffered a lot when 20 years ago there were allegations of even more serious inappropriate and criminal behavior from Kenny Klein. No convictions, and he traveled the Pagan festival, RennFaire, any other circuit he wanted for two decades, with access to Gods know how many vulnerable women and children. May any victims that step forward receive the justice, support, and healing that they deserve. We as Pagan leaders and community members have an obligation to protect our children and other vulnerable members, and if there is an error, it should be on the side of caution. We need to be vigilant and be sure something like this doesn't happen again.

  2. Please excuse the lack of specific link to where the information about Mr. Klein was collected ( Also, please note that Blue Star is not being condemned; merely, explained as a British Traditional path that condones skyclad workings. It is, merely, the possibility of misusing certain traditionalist practices that is being alluded to. It would not be the first time such practices have been misused for sexual exploitation.

    The Blue Star Tradition has very reputable roots and teachings. Unfortunately, individuals participating in clandestine activities (such as kiddie porn) do not seem to consider much beyond their own self gratification, and, it leaves much to the imagination.

    Locally, and many moons ago, there was an individual who manipulated the teachings and doctrines of traditionalist craft in order to appease their own sordid tastes. So, it is something that happens, unfortunately.

    So true that we need to be vigilant. There seems to be no answer that really makes anyone happy. As you can see, above, another group has completely removed 2nd chances for the already-convicted. My concern is for persons, like Klein, who go undetected for years. What steps would you personally take to ensure the safety of your community from sexual predators?

  3. In a follow up article published by the Wild Hunt:

    People come forward with their experiences with Klein.