Tuesday, April 23, 2013

READ ME: The Next Show is a Killer!

We've had guests come on to the "Porch" in the past, who've been quite a joy to speak with - on and off air. Let's see. There's been the controversial author who broke his self-imposed exile in order to speak with us. The Priestess-President of the Panthean Temple, author, diviner and artist has graced us with her presence (and, we call in to bug her on her show, too). The creator of the first-ever proto-Indo European reconstructionist pagan website. Swain Wodening. Various events hosts... So, what's next?

In the past, we have endeavored to keep all future interviews "hush-hush"; going with the whole "life is a box of chocolates" theory: you never know what you're going to get. After 2 years of sorting out the broadcasting process and problems, we've decided to go after bigger and bolder interviews. We are definitely trying our best to make sure that our interviews address questions that you, our listeners, want to have asked.

We need your input! Send a message to us through Facebook, or, email. Everything you need to contact us is in the "about" section on FB! Give us names of people you'd like to hear on the "Porch" -you know we will ask the weird questions, so SEND US THOSE QUESTIONS OTHERS ARE AFRAID TO ASK ON THEIR SHOWS!

And, we'd love to bring back "Open Porch" broadcasts. These are the shows where you, our listeners, can call in and comment or complain about something you've heard on a previous show. If you want to say something about a previous interview, or, whatever, the "Open Porch" broadcasts are your opportunity to do so.

When are they? Whenever we post they will be (usually, on FB) and we also declare an "open porch" at the beginning of each of these shows - complete with TOLL-FREE CALL-IN NUMBER for you poor bastards, like us!

I promise you that the more feedback we get, the bigger and bolder interviews will come. BTW: We have interviews scheduled for both May broadcasts, already. I ain't saying shit to anyone who isn't chatting us up behind the broadcasts! One communicative listener knows who's supposed to be on the next show, and, she's excited as hell we got someone this cool!

Do your part - tune in and feed-back!

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