Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nose to the Grind

Been a while. Yes. However, with as busy as our winter season gets, it is not so surprising! And, here we are, again... Going round and round on the rollercoaster. So, what's new for 2012?

OMG! If anything were set in stone, yet, I would blab it all; but, nothing is. YET...

So, here's as good a teaser that you're going to have:

Feb 19th: "Open Porch"... Call in and chat us up about some of the things you've heard on the show. I mean, we've interviewed a Proto-Indo European reconstructionist, Swain Wodening, Victoria Claire, Aed Ruadh, Rev. Alicia Lyon-Folberth... Gladsheim popped in, once. Want to know more about us - these weirdos on air you can't seem to stop listening to? Chat us up! Toll free number: (877) 230-4233.

Mar 4th: "TBA"... Morlog, Ik and Uruzz are supposed to attend a mini-moot this weekend, and "Sparky" might just have to host her own show. We're still discussing the topics, but, she's the astrology / crystal- NErd. You never know!

Mar 18th: "Celtic Cluster Feck"... The Ik and Sparky are slated to chat up some of Celtic Reconstructionisms leading authors in lieu of Saint Patty's Day. Ellen E. Hopman, Deiniol Jones and Erynn Rowan Laurie have already confirmed their participation. Now, if we can get our hands on a reputable Fey specialist...

THIS is where it gets hairy, because around this time we should have some extra, super-duper programs lined up for TEL Radio Productions. (We're just awaiting our potential- and future-hosts to conduct some serious contemplation, and confirm their participations.) As expected from the CFTP hosts, nothing will be 'mainstream', 'normal', or boring! (Ik's promise.)

There are some shows that need a little tweaking, but, this is a general listing of what to expect in future from your CFTP broadcasts:

"Would UPG - FU?" ... A debate (or, debaucle?) with cutting edge guests talking about "unsubstantiated personal gnosis" and the effect(s) on modern reconstructionism and practices.

"So Mote It Be, Devotee!" ... The pros and cons of devoting oneself to a particular god and their nuances; realistic expectations and the seriousness of oath-binding.

.... And, music! We're amassing permissions for a better "Uruzz Rocks" segment. Hang on to your hats, listeners. No poor-quality, backyard jam sessions allowed! (You can find those on other "pagan" programs.)

So, stay tuned in to see what TEL Radio Productions and the hosts of CFTP have in store for you... It only gets better from March.


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