Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Musings and Music

From Chaos is sparked the the breath of life. [Kiss of Life Song & Video] Are you breathing in the possibilities given up to you this day? The Gods gave you another day, how are you going to spend it... Remember, quality over quantity!

However, there are always going to be dog-days [Dog Days Are Over] and zeros in life. Life is what you make of it... [Zero Yeah]

There are lulls in your day; could be morning-time, could be evening. The time doesn't really matter because there is a serious lull and you're feeling as though there is truly no point to "anything". Your friends don't "get you", you refrain from sharing too much at work... you're simply dragging ass and experiencing a lull. [Parov Stelar Booty] You could always take a holiday in Vegas.

If only life was a non-stop festival! [Corvus Corax LIVE!]

For most polytheists, there are moments every day where we just aren't our faiths. We've become the employee, the chaperone, the maid, the authoritarian, and, forgotten our heathen souls, somewhere back in Realityville... You're standing alone [System Tribal]

Well, why don't you give this a read; it is inspiring and thought-provoking. (Don't forget to click the link to read the entire post.)

Broken Chains by Siegfried Goodfellow (The "Heathen Ranter") [Wardruna Bjarkan Song]

The chain is broken, the tie to the deep past lost. Heathenism is a path for which we strive, yet I, like so many of you, am a detribalized descendant of tribesmen thrown flotsam into the Roman world. It is those moments I seek, epiphanies where one can feel coherence pulling together a dissipated world into a sense of meaning that is present, that is now, that is ever and has been. Is that what a sym-bol once was, not a mere glyph, not just a sign, but a vision that threw together and glued in a knot of coherence what so much conspired to keep separated and fragmented? [READ MORE, HERE]
 .... And, remember to [DANCE]

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