Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter is Upon Us... Yule is in the Air!

The snow drifts down and blankets the earth in a shawl of feathery whiteness. The stark silence is noticeable; most of those noisy birds are too damn cold to sing. Unless, like us, you're in Florida. Not only do the snows force many birds into our area as they head south to migrate, but, other "birds" - very noisy ones - perform a yearly exodus from up north, and into the tropical climes of our humid state.

Alas! Not much complaining can be done. Without the annual migrations of the North American Blue Hairs (or their younger counterparts, the Part-Timers) our economy would suffer greater than our eardrums and auto insurance policies. What is a native to do?

Prepare for Yule, of course! This seasonal celebration is our largest yearly event; it keeps growing each year. And, with everyone else's desire for major life-changing events to take place during the cooler months, we are absolutely swamped with activities and travel throughout South Florida. It is difficult to stay on track when you're "that busy"! So, to help you all with your Yuletide season, here's a list of really great things to consider and/or use in your celebrations:

Celebrating Yule by Stacy Thompson-Geer

Celebrating Winter Solstice by Hayley Nichols

Yuletide Rituals and Sedes by Swain Wodening

Trimming a Spiritual Yule Tree by Lori Drake

Pagan Yule and XMas Plants by Jill Stefko

Homemade Pagan Yule Presents by Jill Stefko

Yule Log, an Ancient Tradition by Richard Mudhar

Pagan Nativity Scene by Lori Drake

Urban Pagan Yule by Jill Stefko

Songs for Winter Solstice by Tricia Edgar

Best Stories for Winter Solstice by Tricia Edgar

Mistletoe from Solstice to Christmas by Linda McDonnell

Holly - Pagan Symbolism and Tradition by Jill Stefko


Asatru / Heathen Yule Cards

Winter Solstice / Yule Cards

Enjoy your season - and, tune in for our December broadcasts!

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